Signs Of Water Leak In The Bathroom

You do not have to worry about problems in your drainage or plumbing system because the metro area of has good plumbing contractors around every corner. Plumbers can easily reach their customers in case of emergency. If you are facing any leakage in your water or gas supply or drainage system, call a reputable plumbing contractor. They will immediately send their emergency service vehicle to your doorstep with experienced plumbing technicians. If you are not sure if you leak to repair, professional plumbers have some methods to detect leaks for you.

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Detect Water Leaks

Professional plumbers use advanced methods to detect leaks at your home or office. If your pipeline is facing water leak that is beyond the limits of normal detection processes, they use the most suitable processes from the following popular leak detection methods:

Radar Detection: This mechanism uses a radar signal to detect exactly where the pipeline leak originates. It also provides additional information about the intensity of leak. This technique can be employed from the outside of the pipe.

Gas Filling: The gas filling technique will detect any damage from the inside a pipe. This leak detection method is a very simple. A particular gas is inserted inside the pipeline at high pressure, after which the whole pipeline is examined from the outside using a device that is sensitive to this particular gas. The place where the detector detects the gas will be the leakage point.

Geophones: This device is related to the stethoscope used by doctors. Leaks in tankless water heaters can be detected easily using this useful device. It is quickly capturing any sound produced by leakage in any household appliance.

Here are a few signs that you have a leak and that it’s time to call a professional who specializes in bathroom plumbing.

water-leakMold and mildew. If there’s a water leak in your bathroom, mold, and mildew are close behind. Mold grows in areas that are moist and dark. If a water leak is occurring behind a wall or under flooring, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you’ve noticed that mold or mildew is beginning to grow on a non-shower wall, it’s a sign that you have a water leak somewhere. Calling a professional is the easiest way to locate and repair the leak quickly before more damage occurs.

Damaged walls. If your beautifully painted or wallpapered walls are beginning to blister, it could be due to water damage. Even the hottest of showers shouldn’t cause the paint and wallpaper on your walls to come loose. When actual water gets into the wall and behind the paint, it causes the bond to come loose. If you notice that your paint or wallpaper is beginning to come loose, blister, or bubble, call a plumber immediately. This is the best way to locate a leak and stop it in its tracks.

Warped drywall. When your drywall is exposed to moisture, it softens and begins to warp. If you see bends, bubbles, or stains on your wall, you may leak into your wall. To fix this type of leak, your plumber may have to tear out the drywall and then replace it. The longer you wait to have the repair completed, the more damage will be done.

Damaged floors. Bathroom floors are built to withstand heat and moisture. If you notice that it is buckling, cracking, or staining, you can bet that there is a leak causing the problem. Often, the cause is a leaky pipe located directly under the floor. Calling a professional is a great way to stop a leaky pipe from causing severe damage to your home.

Musty smells. Water from leaks tends to settle in different areas and cause unpleasant odors. If you smell something musty or earthy, you probably leak somewhere. Whether it’s in the ceiling, wall, or under the sink, call a plumber to track down the origin of the water and repair it as soon as possible.

If your bathroom plumbing is leaking, it won’t be long before you begin to notice other issues. Don’t let a leaky pipe destroy your walls, ceilings, or flooring. Call a plumber at the first sign of trouble to locate and repair any leak.

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Neglecting any small issue related to plumbing or drain clogs can bother you in future. It can lead to heavy expenses and added worries. So, think ahead and hire a plumbing contractor now. Plumbers aid you at the initial stages of any trouble, producing excellent results in no time. Anything from the bathroom sink and faucets to basins and tankless water heaters can be tackled by these efficient companies. These area plumbing companies have all the knowledge, tools and accessories available to do the work necessary. Your plumbing and drainage system will be secure under the watchful guidance of these local plumbing companies.