Equipment Used For Water Damage Restoration

The main advantage of hiring a professional water damage restoration company is how you can be sure that it has all the equipment needed to make your home clean and safe after a bad case of flooding. While you can always purchase the equipment and do the water damage restoration yourself, these equipment don’t really come cheap and may not even be available in your town. If there was severe flooding it is likely that the demand for water damage restoration equipment will be high. If you do not want to purchase the needed equipment for clearing up the flood in your home then you should definitely consider renting. Here are some of the equipment used for water damage restoration.

1. A sump pump is the primary equipment used after a flood. The sump pump is used to eliminate flood water from the basement or another part of the house into the municipal sewer or any other area where the water can be dumped without causing problems for anyone.

2. The water vacuum is used to suck water from carpets, floors and other parts of the home. Unlike a sump pump, the water vacuum does not simultaneously get rid of the water as it sucks it out of your floor. What is does is keep the water in its tank or water hold. This is why when using a water vacuum for clearing flood, you must be aware of the limit of the vacuum’s tank and dispose the water before the vacuum exceeds its limits. Many wet vacuums can also be used as dry vacuums.

Dehumidifier3. The dehumidifier is another machine used in water damage restoration.It is used to lower the humidity inside the home. When there has been flooding in the home and the water from the floor and the other parts of the house is already beginning to evaporate, then the humidity in the air becomes high. When there is too much water in the air, the tendency is for the water to condense in a cool place leaving a spot with too much moisture. This moisture could lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

4. Freeze dryers are used to freeze dry paper, books and other damaged documents so that further damage to the pages can be avoided. Freeze drying documents can eliminate the moisture on the pages without resulting in too much warping or tearing. Freeze dryers freeze blast the documents and takes out the moisture without the need to melt the ice so that the damage to the documents will be minimal. This equipment can also be used to dry wet X-ray plates, contracts and other documents. You do not need to purchase all these types of equipment for water damage restoration when you experience a flood.

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